Language and Culture Games

Numbers Letters and The Alphabet


Numbers Matching

Alphabet Flashcards

Language Letter Magnets

Games Create Conversation!

Even if it is simple letters and numbers!

Vocabulary Games


Go Hunt (Domains Series)

Buffalo Stampede

Elk Has Moved In



Hunya (Bingo)

Mini Bank

Plural Matching

Develop a game to accomplish a milestone, learning the writing system, animals, and more!

Sentance Building Games

Phrase Builder Series


Ask It

Sinaakit Story Dice

Amplify your skillset to construct phrases and stories! 

Math and Science

   Wiowa / Weather and Seasons

Months Flashcards

SolveIT +/-

SolveIT */


Math and Science games!

Culture and Knowledge

Our Way of Life

My Story

Sinakit Series

White Wolf

Picking Berries

Values and Relations

Focus on knowledge and place learning!

Story Book Sets

Story Book Sets Include Storybooks, Vocabulary Flashcards and Story Order Flashcards

Use stories to focus on grammar and sequencial activities!

History Timeline Games

Teach history in a fun and unique way!