Our History

Native Teaching Aids

Established in 2013 in Saint Ignatius Montana, Native Teaching Aids by Rebecca and Brandon Goff.


While in graduate school in Linguistics, through an Americore Program, Rebecca had an oppertunity to collaborate with the Cuts Wood language immersion in Browning, Montana. In creating an animated childrens book with the students as artists and speakers.


Encouraged by one of the founders of the school, Darrel Kip, and seeing the challenges first hand that immersion school educators face.

Rebecca with her linguistics degree and her soon to be husband Brandon who brought years of web development and design experence, began to collaborate with the Piegan Institute and other communities throught out their local state of Montana.


Years later, Native Teaching Aids now works with over 30 tribes and communities United States, the nation of Hawai’i, and the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta in Canada, developing physical and digital Indigenous langauge, culture and history driven educational materials.