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This is Go Fish. You know the game that everybody knows how to play? except it’s in Ojibwe, and we made the cards more Ojibwe focused, no colonial imagery here please.

Seriously this game is super easy, which makes it great to teach and learn language. Language is complex, your resources should be simple. don’t make your students headaches worse than they have to be.

-For ages 3 and up (a 2 year old could probably do it but they’re kind of monsters so….)

-Two to Six Players

-Speaker level : Beginner

-Early Learner Accessible.

Education Edition includes a glossary, extended instructions and may include more cards.

Travel Edition is the size of a deck of playing cards and includes 75-100 cards and a instruction card.

Classroom Use

Great for vocabulary building. Pictures help with retention because of cool brain stuff. IDK we’re not doctors, we just like teaching and playing games.

this game is easy to build on, review the vocabulary on the cards then expand on them. See that fish on the box? where does it live? what color is it? is it a boy fish or a girl fish? what is it doing? what is going to do? what is it’s family structure like? when it saw people for the first time did it have deep existential thoughts about it’s purpose in this tiny lake? A picture is worth a 1000 words, or something

Great as a quick activity for when your having a hard day (or hungover). Your kids don’t need to know that they make you drink, it’s okay to just it call it a Giigoonken! day