Our Process

Step One: Contact Us!

 We are excited to start working with you on this collaborative journey!  Please contact Rebecca Goff at becky@nativeteachingaids.com or call us at 406-240-4098!


Step Two: Logistics!

We will meet with you virtually or in person to discuss timelines and logistics.


Step Three: Language Collection!

We will send you a spreadsheet of words that will be found in the materials you will be creating with us.  These words are copied from the origional kit’s vocabulary, but can be easily modified or adjusted to fit your enviornment, culture, or any other specific importance you feel should belong in the kit.


Step Four: Media Collection!

All images and audio will need to be sent to us by a specific date on the timeline.  If you have requested that we aquire the language and images in your community, a schedule will have been agreed upon.


Step Five: Layout and Design!

We have everything we need to start our layout and design work! Now it is in our hands! We will be working to get you proofs of all the products in the kit for your first approval round and our App Development team will be working on your Audio QR App.



Step Six: Digital Proof!

You will be receiving digital proof files of your kit to approve or point out corrections that are needed.


Step Seven: Physical Proof!

You receive a printed proof of the final product for final approval. This will be an onsite visit by Native Teaching Aids or a virtual call. 


Step Eight: Printing and Training!

We print your materials! Now we are all finished with the development and we can print your requested order!

Training sessions for instructors to incorporate the new materials into their lessons are available. Please contact us to schedule a time.