Blackfeet Language Game - Buffalo Stampede! - Iiníí sáíksisaat!

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You play cards fast. You say words fast. Why say many words when few do trick?

- Ages 7 and Up

- Two to Eight Players

Education Edition includes a glossary, extended instructions and may include more cards.

Travel Edition is the size of a deck of playing cards and include 75-100 cards and a instruction card.

Classroom Use

This game is fast paced so students will probably want to play over and over. Now they’ll be rushing to learn instead of rushing to “HEY NO SIT DOWN, YOU CAN HOLD IT TILL THE BELL” rushing to get out of your class.

Use as a warm up to get your kids hyped for your awsome lesson that day (does not include awsome lesson, that’s on you, we believe in you)

May result in fighting over who the winner is, so also great for introducing conflict resolution skills.

Includes rules for slow play in case students decide this is the next Battle of the Big Horn and you need them to simmer down.