Blackfeet Language Game - Flashcards

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We know how busy you are. Making flashcards is tedious, you gotta write the correct word on one side, then double check your work, and realize you misspelled it, except you used a pen like an idiot so you have to start over. Then you need to print and glue the picture on the card, except you lost your glue stick, so you use super glue instead, and now your fingers are glued to the paper which made it rip when you pulled away and you're out of index cards and IM NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING.

We made the flashcards for you. They’re even UV coated so your “eye sweat” won’t ruin them.

Education Edition includes both Blackfeet Flashcards 1 & 2 as well as a glossary and extended instructions.

Travel Edition is the size of a deck of playing cards and includes 75-100 cards and an instruction card.

Classroom Use

Pair students up and have them take turns flipping a card and saying the word, first student to get 10 cards right wins. You could make it a tournament and really hype your kids up about winning so they practice a bunch. Native parents love tournaments, you might even win teacher of the year or an angry phone call about how the refs are bullsh** and the game was rigged and Bryce is your cousin so why didn’t he win?

Do it with the whole class, ask them to try and beat their record for how many in a row they get right, or how fast they can say the word.

Start to write a story and ask students to draw random cards to fill in characters. Each student is in charge of reading their character’s lines.