Blackfeet Language game - Numbers - Okstakít!

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You ever play Spite and Malice? This is that game, except all the cards have the numbers in your language. We changed all the pictures to rocks too, cause every tribe has a word for rock. No white colonial kings and queens here.

-For ages 7 and up

-Two to Six Players

-Early Learner Accessible

-Speaker level : Beginner.

Travel Edition is the size of a deck of playing cards and include 75-100 cards and an instruction card.

Classroom Use:

We recommend using this as a supplement to a lesson on numbers. Some ideas we have used in the classroom;

Play this game as an endcap to when introducing counting.

Split the deck in half and have two students race to see who can name all the cards in their deck first, give a prize whenever somebody beats the record.

If you need a break from all your rowdy learners, take out all the 2s and make your students play for the whole class period. They’ll never finish the game, and they’ll feel the same frustration you do when you catch them on their phone for 100th time