Blackfeet Language Game - Matching

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This game is Matching. You lay out cards and find matches. All of the cards have pictures and vocab. All the images are things relevant for your language, and common everyday words. Great for young kids, super easy to learn (we believe in you).

-For ages 5 and above.

-Two Players

-Early Learner Accessible

-Speaker level : Beginner.

Travel Edition Include 75-100 cards and an instruction card.

Education Edition includes a glossary, extended instructions and may include more cards.

Classroom Use

Learn words and implementation with this rainy day game. Maybe have your kids wash their hands first, sticky hands and paper don’t mesh well. Great for an easy lesson or day to practice basic nouns. Works better with younger kids than older ones.

Disclaimer; your students will be better than you at this. No that wasn’t intended, no we wont refund the game because you’re salty (The word for salt in Blackfoot is isttsiksipoko).